Lawncare & Landscaping Company


Lawn & Garden Care

Whether it is simple lawn mowing, fertilizing, planting, pruning or more complicated turf aeration, dethaching, or hydroseeding… Cut-Rite has you covered so you can kick back and relax while knowing your lawn is always looking it’s best.

Snow Removal

Regardless of the season, we will be working for you when you need it most. Snow removal is a necessary and challenging part of managing any property… trust that your property will be maintained properly during both large and small snow and ice events.

Landscaping Design / Supplies

We have developed a design process that ensures a partnership with you to transform your ideas into reality. From the first meeting, to the final touches of your landscape installation, we ensure the maximum value from your investment.

Softscapes & Hardscapes

Every landscaping project is unique… Whether implementing a complete master plan or just one phase of your design, our installers provide the skill and experience necessary to move your plan from the drawing board to your home.

Property Maintenance

With a menu of services geared towards the maintenance of commercial and residential facilities, we keep our costs competitive and we are always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that your property looks spectacular throughout the year.

Aquascapes & Nightscapes

Ponds, water features and lighting can dramatically impact your final product and the ultimate enjoyment of your property. We take into account the overall function to help guide you to the best solutions and the best results!